How we deliver

Как мы доставляем товар из нашего интернет-магазина пряжи
Unfortunately, but you can read the description only in Russian

We can deliver the ordered and paid goods in various ways, the main one is sending by mail.

We can send the goods ordered in our online store and in other ways - by Courier, using Pasta Stacija and Omniva systems. Please indicate Your wishes in the note to the order.

Postal rates of Latvijas Pasts can be viewed on the website Latvijas Pasts. by switching language to English.

The most common type of shipment (Shipment type): - Small packets. This is a soft package of small size, weighing up to 1999 grams or less but the size of the sum of three sides 90 cm. 

If your order only yarn, such shipment already at a weight of 1700 grams will go into the category of Parcels, as it will exceed the size of 90 cm in the amount of three sides.

When choosing a Country, keep in mind that the list of countries is sorted according to the name of the country in Latvian. Germany (Vacija) will be at the end of the list and Estonia (Igaunija) at the beginning.

Here are some tariffs for the first half of 2020 for orientation:

Zone 1 *:

Weight**, g.  <450  <950  <1700 <2900 <4900
EUR  6.50  7.95 10.35 16.40 19.10

Zone 2*:

Weight**, g. <220 <450  <950  <1700  <2900  <3900  <4900
EUR 3.10 7.10 9.50 13.50 23,80 26,85 29,00


Zone 3*:

Weight**, g. <450  <950  <1700  <2900  <3900  <4900
EUR 8.30 11.30 16.60 29,80 34,10 48,40


Note: In addition to the postal rate, the shipping cost includes packaging and order processing.


Zone Latvja Post for small packet

Тарифные зоны Latvijas Pasts для бандеролей


Zone Latvia Post for parcells

Тарифные зоны Latvijas Pasts для посылок
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