Yarn MIDARA Flax salmon 10/1

Пряжа MIDARA Лен Салмон 10/1Пряжа MIDARA Лен Салмон 10/1Пряжа MIDARA Лен Салмон 10/1
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Yarn MIDARA Flax salmon 10/1
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Отзывы о Товарах и Фото готовых изделий

Yarn MIDARA Flax salmon 10/1 - consist Flax - type Normal - price € 3.55 per 100.00 gr. ( ≈ 1000 m.) - Yes

Yarn MIDARA Flax color Salmon size 10/1, Lithuania. This yarn is of excellent quality 100% made of flax. The yarn is supplied in bobbins. The price on the site is indicated for 100 grams (1000 meters in 1 additions), and you can order the right amount of yarn MIDARA Flax.

Linen yarns is very strong, knitted things can be washed in hot water. Flax absorbs and evaporates moisture faster than wool or cotton. Thin yarn with linen is suitable for knitting light summer models, and from yarn of medium thickness you can knit comfortable clothes for any season.

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Mid Flax 10/1